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Monday, August 31, 2009

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun!

It is amazing that four years have gone by in a blink! We have been able to enjoy so much since my kidney transplant August 31, 2005. Our many trips and especially our recent trip to Australia; going to eat at fine restaurants; none of this was possible prior to the life saving surgery. I am thankful today, and grateful every day for such a gift.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hummer Obsessed

Ho hum, another hummingbird at the feeder picture. I'm afraid I'm a bit obsessed with trying to get "the" picture of the hummer. Summer is almost over and soon the feeders will have to be taken away. I bought a new beautiful glass feeder, but the hummingbirds won't go near it.
I like the sharpness of this one and I think the pictures are improving... I really love this shot (but it's still not the one). I really like the curve of her back; almost like a swan dive.
For the photography buffs, the camera is on a tripod, the focus is pre-set and I am using a remote control to take the picture, so as not to scare the birds. I used the 70-300 mm lens and was shooting at 270mm, f/5.6 and ISO was 320. Shutter speed was 1/1,250 sec; and that still didn't freeze the wings!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chip and Dale

OK, it is only Chip, but Dale is around somewhere; and his cousins and their cousins. We have an entire chipmunk colony since Kit Kat passed away a few years ago. Pete wasn't pleased with me encouraging them with peanuts, but Gisela and I had a ball watching this fellow fill his cheeks. Trying to make it fit...he had to take it out and try the other side.

I raised hamsters as a teenager (lots of hamsters), and these guys sort of remind me of them...with long furry tails.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sugar Wars

The end of August brings wasps. They have taken over the hummingbird feeder and are very aggressive about protecting their sugar supply.The little hummers are quick to dodge the wasps, but this looked like a close call!
We have about four hummingbirds around this feeder, and not only do they battle the wasps, but they chase each other away as well. It is a very active place. Stand off...but the wasp got to it first. The hummingbirds will always let the wasps do what they wish.
The female finally able to have a drink.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mayer and Me (and a peanut)

"Mayer" (Laureate Continuum) is now 14 1/2 weeks. I'm still crazy about this boy and am holding my breath that he doesn't go off.
He had a grand time zooming around the grass without his sisters.
Even though it was a beautiful afternoon, he was still getting hot in the sun. So we settled under the spruce tree and he promptly found a peanut that a chipmunk had dropped in the grass.

The peanuts flew out and he was left with the shell.
Mmm fibre...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Our Visitors

Rui Alves Monteiro (Casa Mont'Alves) and his beautiful family spent several days with us. We toured Ottawa, went to the National Gallery, an Imax film at the Museum of Civilization and a fireworks display hosted by their country, Portugal. On Friday I entered our cute, but very immature girl "Emma", so Rui could experience one of our shows. We groom a bit differently, so I showed him how I do them up.
We had a great parking spot with a nice shady spot where we could watch the show.
Rui looking so professional.
In the ring.
We had hot weather for the first time all summer. We went for a walk nonetheless.
In the back field with the gang.
Taking a break and getting hydrated!
Little Stormy gets a smooch...
The old gal's LuAnne and Gabi needed a lift back. It was too hot for them.
LuAnne loving being hugged and kissed.
Rui and the gang. Most of our guys are out of coat; something that was a surprise to him. Apparently they don't blow coat as badly in Portugal, nor do they grow as dense a coat; an interesting difference between the countries.
Big smile!
Paris being cheeky!

With Gabi and LuAnne

Paula and Rui going for a test drive.

We were delighted to meet Rui, Paula, Henrique and Isabella. A lovely family who we hope to see again one day. Visit their blog to view the photos of their trip. They spent 10 days with friends in the Toronto area before coming here...I was envious, they had such a great time. I just got a note from Rui, they have just arrived back home and no doubt have plenty of stories to share with their friends.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

At the Parlour

The girls were back at "the parlour" getting ready for our overseas guests who arrive on Tuesday.
Barbie even got her body scissored and spent a fair amount of time on the table.
A run was a welcome relief...
Along with a bonus was a great reward.
Now I just hope both girls can stay clean until Rui and family arrive!

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