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Monday, September 20, 2010

Emma's Pup "Trixie" at Seven Weeks

Our usual pictures of the puppies with no hands in the picture didn't work with this little monkey. Too bad I couldn't have recorded a sound track when we were taking these shots as she was grunting and groaning the entire time! Just a wee bit of a complainer...I said to Pete that she takes after her "step-Mom"...he didn't catch on right away I was talking about myself!
So she is 7 weeks less a day to be exact. If you go to the labels and click on Emma Pup, you can follow her progress from birth.

She is coming along very nicely. Her nose pigment will fill.

Size is good...
Pretty profile...
But not happy about being a model!
However, the camera loves her! We were surprised these turned out as well, considering the attitude she was giving us!

Happy to have the photo session over with!

Miss "Trix" is going to keep us hopping. Leash work starts tomorrow!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Emma's Pup at Six Weeks (less a day)

Six days older than the last photos and it was Emma's Pups second time in the garden.
She wandered and nibbled on some leaves but soon had her sights on something much more interesting to do...
Trucking over to the truck!
What to do, what to do...
When in doubt, give it a taste!
Nom nom
OK, that wasn't the tastiest, now what?
This has promise; first I'll stand on it to make sure it knows I'm boss!
Tastes not too bad
It is something you can really sink your teeth into and more fun if it wiggles...
OK, what's next?
((This little one has been the most difficult singleton I've raised, but I have seen some signs of sweetness. She gave me a small lick on the cheek on Saturday and today we had a good little roll and she let me rub her belly...yeah!))

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Emma's Pup at Five Weeks

I took Emma's girl out yesterday to take her pictures. It isn't easy when you are alone and there are no littermates for her to interact with. So I would place her down and back away and she'd hop after me. I managed a few quickie snaps. This one is cute, though not in focus.
Seen from above...pulling grass. Plunk her and run... She obliged and sat. Actually, I think she just wanted to sit. She isn't the most obliging puppy; she is downright ornery. I joked on the Facebook page that her name would be Laureate Dominatrix..."Trixie" (probably not...but shows where we are at the moment temperament wise).
Left eye (or do you call it her right eye) is definitely blue.
Other eye looks to be brown.

She is a little devil with a blue dress on! Maybe if I name her Laureate Miss Congeniality she will grow into her name...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labour Day Weekend

The weather wasn't the most cooperative, but on Saturday Pete went out with the tractor and did a bit of mowing. He mowed around the hayfield and this little bit in front...
He mowed behind the hedge...
...and into the field beside.

I came out to check on him and bring him a snack...

Broken in...

Oops...milkweed pods in the bucket

First load dumped! (that saved a lot of work!) haha

Off down the road to the lower field...

We hope to keep a handle on the latest weed pest, wild parsnip. It has cropped up everywhere and will cause sun sensitivity and a bad rash if you touch its inner sap.
Sure kept him busy. The tractor now has 6 hours on it.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Boys & Their Toys Part Two

Pete's good friend Bill has gone to work in Abu Dhabi for three years, so was selling his bike. I had always liked Bill's bike better than Pete's current one because it is more comfortable for a passenger (and it is good looking). So this baby came home today...move over tractor! Pete's Triumph is for sale, if anyone wants a flashy red sport touring bike.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Boys (& Girls) And Their Toys

Yesterday Pete and I were like kids at Christmas time; we couldn't wait for the arrival of our new toy. It arrived at four and we both ran out to meet the driver. I said to him, I didn't think I'd be so excited to get a tractor; but I can just imagine all the possibilities. Some of the ideas are cutting the field behind the hedge in preparation for the new dog paddock, removing stumps, moving stone; you name it, it is going to make our life a lot easier.

So even in the rain, we had to test it out! Pete is using the seven foot wide lawn mower.

This is the field we want to fence off for the might as well get cutting!

I even had a turn! It is too much fun. Pete is out there now; and I'm about to join him. Green Acres is the place to be!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Emma Pup: Graduation to Solid Food

I'm always amazed at how these little guys go right at it when introduced to solid food. This was Emma's pups first experience with mush and even though it was pretty firm, she dove in.

This is adult dog food that was soaked overnight mixed with a small amount of formula and warm water, whirled in the food processor until smooth.

The benefit of being an only child; she isn't wearing too much of it!

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