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Monday, October 26, 2009

A Little Sunshine on a Grey Day

I've been waiting all week for a sunny day to go out and take some pictures. I gave up waiting and on Saturday went out front trying to find the beauty on a dark, damp and grey day.

Whats left of the Amur maple leaves on the tree

A lone apple on the tree

Pete wrapping our trees for winter. Pin Oak on the left was one we planted in memory of Hannah and Sparkle. There is another oak to the right just out of the picture.

Looking over to Fox Hill

Very old woodpile with raspberry and blackberry canes

The back field with a huge Spruce in the middle

Wood lot in the far corner of our property
I went and got the two Paris puppies who are now 5 1/2 months old. They didn't mind that the sun wasn't shining, they bring their own sunshine; they are perpetually happy puppies.

Miley with her characteristic smile The pups come across a pile of feathers

Mayer by the culvert

Like on most of our walks, they soon found the water ...

I think it was colder than he expected!

Miley didn't venture in the water this time

Friday, October 23, 2009

This and That

These pictures are from several weeks ago; but since I have been remiss about blogging, I thought I'd share them now. Hope for pictures of the gang soon; it has been gloomy and gray for weeks (except for when we've been away).
Picking a pumpkin from up the road. There is an honesty box where people pay for what they take. The farm stand next door also does this at the end of the season and I asked the owner how well it worked and she said it worked great. We're a very honest bunch out here.
Sugar maples in Lanark county
Our back deck...canvas was taken off the gazebo on Wednesday.

The creek is clearing up with the frost we've had a night. The heron is timid and flies away when we go out on the deck.

Pete and I spent last weekend in Rochester attending a seminar given by noted breeder/handler Julie Desy. The seminar was entitled "Objective Evaluation; The Key To Success" and it was a super seminar. We are grateful to the breeders who share their knowledge with others. Julie has been in the breed for 50 years and is a wealth of knowledge and very approachable and humble. We always leave these events with renewed commitment and very inspired.
This weekend, weather permitting will be devoted to winterizing the yard, house and barn. Like it or not, winter is coming and it is best to get things done before the snow flies.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vancouver weekend

We just returned from a wonderful weekend away in Vancouver. I've posted photos on our travel blog.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Emma Cleans Up Real Well

I drove down to Burlington ON with Emma (the little bi-blue that is usually pictured on this blog with mud from head to toe) as there were three breeder judges on the panel. The first day I got to the show early in the morning, as I didn't want to hang around the motel. I made the mistake of thinking it was an indoor show, and so wasn't really dressed appropriately. It was very windy, damp and cold! I sat in the car with the heat on and the seat warmer in the afternoon! I had thoughts of packing up and going home even before the show started...I'm a fair weather shower and am not into discomfort!

I stuck it out and little Emma won WB/BOS over a Special and Best Puppy In Group under judge Denise Cornelssen. The following day we were on early in the day and she won WB/BW/BOS, and then Best Puppy in Group so we had to stay until the end of the day. It got colder and colder and started to rain. I was lucky to have set up with Graeme Burdon and he was able to get a pop up tent from his client, so at least we had shelter. Miss Emma was a little star and went on to win Best Puppy in Show under noted judge Mark McMillan! I was thrilled...this doesn't happen too often with our puppies, as our guys are slow maturing. Then on the third day judge Glen Stark awarded our baby girl WB/BW/BOB and Puppy in Group! This win finished her Championship...yay!!! It was a fun weekend, despite the weather. I got to meet some new people, get to know some acquaintances a bit better and as a bonus, brought home a new Champion.

The Standard Poodle Am/Can Grand Ch Classique Scaramouche won Group 1st on Saturday and Sunday

I met the lovely Samantha Taylor. She celebrated her 13th birthday at the dog show, and I think her ears are still recovering from our rendition of Happy Birthday!

The Rojas brothers

A little mite

Emma under Denise Cornelssen.

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