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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ASSA 2011

I travelled down to the ASSA National located in Gray Summit MO on Tuesday. I had a 'cowboy' pilot that flew in between two thunderstorms and had a wild landing but made it none the less.  The event was at the new Purina Farms Event center about 45 minutes from St Louis and was a super facility.  Bright and very large and with cushioned carpeting for the ring and lots of grooming space. Outdoors there was plenty of grass and a fully fenced area to exercise the dogs. 

What a nice surprise to find Can Ch Laureate Cold Play, "Player" entered at the show...he is owned by Sherrie Sparling in Manitoba and was in the Open Blue Dog class. He was shown beautifully by Becky Johnson. 
Showing his lovely profile.  Player is a litter brother to our "Eva"...the dam of our current AOAC hopefuls.
A lovely moderate dog...he placed second in the class.
His sire is Am Ch Macdega Notorious, ROM and his dam is our Louisiana daughter, Laureate Nuance.  He is going out with Becky in pursuit of his American Championship and hopefully will finish fast.
We also had our young blue girl Laureate Dominatrix, "Trix" entered in 6-9 puppy AOAC class.  She looked wonderful and though she didn't place, we were pleased with how she looked and how she behaved.  Thanks to Kim Wendling for her expert presentation!
Doing what our guys do best...
Little miss "Mokie"...aka Cocoa (Can Ch Laureate Jivara) was in the open sable bitch class handled by Julie Desy and made the cut.  She looked good, but could have stood to lose a couple of pounds before she was shown. However since she was bred, we didn't want to ration her food, so she was a bit of a pokie Mokie.  Our congratulations to Evelyn Susin (Crinan Shelties) for her girl Crinan's Diva's Reserve winners bitch win from this class!
Checking out the judge...
On the go around.
Friday night there were bad thunderstorms and tornado warnings.  I was in the building and didn't think too much about it...a lot of rain on the roof and some booming thunder.  I went back to the motel and turned on the TV to discover there were three touchdowns and the St Louis airport took a direct hit!  We saw some of the damage to homes and property as we drove our rental car back, but couldn't get photos...this photo above was taken just outside the terminal.  I felt very fortunate it didn't touch down at the show, and no one was injured despite the devastation.
The airport was closed Saturday while the broken glass was cleaned up.  Many people at the show were making other arrangements as the status of the airport was unknown.
Unbelievably 70% of flights left on was business (not quite) as usual.

Despite the weather, the National was wonderful...lots of beautiful dogs and deserving winners.  Lots of laughs and great gatherings with friends.  That being said, there really is no place like home!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Play Date: The Hooligans

The older pups are a bit of a rowdy bunch...
The little ones trying to keep up with Rehannah...
La la la...this is too easy
Catch me suckers!
Bitey games
Ditch hopping
Oh yeah?  Well I did it better than you last time!
Lola, the wet noodle
Rehannah beginning to tire out
Mr Finn McCool
The very beautiful (even when wet) Finn
This is a cheater photo as I took it yesterday but didn't think I needed another puppy running post, so included it here. Lola didn't charge through the wide bit, but ran along and found a narrow spot to jump.
Also from yesterday...Rehannah showing that her lips didn't stay permanently curled up! 
The end!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Play Date: Spotlight On Sushi

In looking over the pictures it is clear that Sushi is her mother's daughter.  She is a bit of an instigator and likes to lead in a game of chase.  Interesting also is that Sushi's shadow is Lola.
Sushi in the lead with Lola and company in hot pursuit
The camera gravitated to her...the only black one in the bunch!
Even though she is in the shadow and sticking her tongue out, I thought this was a cute photo of her trucking along beside Pete. She does that with me in handling class...she is the cutest thing.
She didn't shy away from the water...
This is at the end of the walk...we were trying to call them back to the house but they wanted to prolong the fun.
Sushi tries to lose the crowd
But Lola and Eden are right there with her
Tag you are...
(Don't even think about it!)
Try and keep up...
Coming up through the middle...get out of my way!
I love this shot...why walk around the puddle when you can go straight through!
We love this little tri girl...she is so much fun!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Play Date: Focus on Eden and Evan

Eden sassing her sister Sushi who had been down in the drainage ditch
Little Evan after his first christening chasing Finn
Little Eden going full out to catch the pack
Crossing the ditch over in the right field; the rest were on the other side and these two weren't sure how it was done.
Eden trying to figure out the best way to solve this problem...
Ick ick ick...
I'd like to think he was cheering her on, but he was probably thinking...come on you little sissy!
See that wasn't so hard...
Yeah?  Bite me!
But you've got to catch me first!
Oops, another water hazard...
Not quite sure what to do in all this water...
Traffic jam
Finally a break for home...
Almost there...
Wait up!!!

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