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Monday, November 30, 2009


We woke up this morning to snow. I love snow, but I'm glad we didn't have it earlier; it makes winter seem so much longer. Getting ready to fly across the water. I guess these guys don't fly south for winter...

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Last night, we hosted our annual Xmas party. What a difference a year makes...check out the snow and ice from last year's party. Our long-time good friends (since grade school in some cases) Georges and Sylvie, Pierre and Annemarie, and Guy and Lise, were able to join us once again. This year, we were happy to be able to reconnect with dear friends Jean and Carol, who Pete met thirty years ago. It is because of Jean that Pete and I met twenty five years ago just about to the day. Life changes and moving to other cities led to a loss of contact; in fact the last time I saw them was thirteen years ago. I know this because their dog "Gabby" is that age. He is by Santana out of Dream West and was a gift to their daughter, Pascal, who is Pete's goddaughter. But like all good relationships, it didn't matter how much time had passed since we saw each other last, we just picked it up where we left off. It was a very special evening of reminiscing, laughter, lots of food and sincere friendship.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Clan Gathering

The other morning I was awake early and watched the turkeys in the trees as they woke up. I wondered when they would get 'out of bed' as it was close to 7 am and they seemed to be awake, stretching and moving around. All it took was one brave fellow to decide it was light enough and flew down to the low lands and then soon one by one they flew out of the trees. I went and had a look as there seemed to be more than ever, and sure enough, this is the largest group we've seen. I counted 57 of them...good thing Thanksgiving is over in Canada!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

OKC: New Champion and Best Puppy in Show

We had a good weekend at the Ottawa Kennel Club Show. We took our two littermates who are six and a half months old. Mayer took WD the first two days, so has 3 points. On Friday Miley (pictured) took WB for her first two points.
Saturday our lovely little blue gal Stormy who is just starting to coat up, took WB/BW and BOS over a Special to finish her Championship. We bumped her up for Sunday's show and she took BOS again. This is her at the show on Sunday with her very serious handler!
We had an incident when the loudspeaker went off on Sunday throwing our babies into a panic. Miley gathered herself back, but Mayer was undone. Hopefully he'll get his confidence back, as he'd been doing so well up to that point. Miley took RWB and went on to win Best Puppy in Group under Les Rogers.
She showed like a trooper and rose to the occasion and went on to win Best Puppy in Show!
Here she is on the final exam under judge Butch MacDonald. She didn't let down for a minute...we are so proud of our young hopeful.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Puppies Due!

We are pleased to confirm that "Valerie" is in whelp to Junior (Ch Lynphil's Solstice). Puppies due around December 10th...tri-factored sables and pure for sables.

We are looking forward to this litter. Valerie is the dam of our ASSA Futurity 12-18 month and 12-18 month sable and white class winner "Ch Laureate Jivara". Junior is linebred on the beautiful CSSA National Breed winner BISS Am/Can Ch Lynphil's Classy Lil Chassis ROMC.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Creek Snapshot: November 18

Frosty morning with a skin of ice on the water.
Busy day gearing up for the Ottawa show on the weekend (held in Kemptville ON).

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Turkeys in a Willow Tree

This picture was taken moments ago right outside my office window! They have been hanging out for about a month; and Pete counted 35 of them in the back field on Sunday. In the morning around 6:30 or so, just as it is getting light, they will fly out of the tree down to the lowlands. I remember being shocked the first time I saw one up a tree; it just never crossed my mind that they could fly.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Celebrate What's Right With The World

Celebrate What's Right With The World Video by Lazarus! - The Resurrected - MySpace Video

And I think I might even like this second one even more; well worth the twenty minutes to view, also by Dewitt Jones:

Monday, November 9, 2009

Busy week: Toronto and Syracuse

Pete and I spent Tuesday to Thursday in Toronto. I have more snaps here.

On Friday I did an airport run, bathed five dogs and Pete had six meetings (both of us were exhausted by end of day) and on Saturday morning LuAnne, Pete and I went to the Marriott in downtown Ottawa to give a presentation on Shelties to the Canadian Judges Study Group.

Right after the presentation we went home and packed up Emma, Miley, Mayer and Cocoa and headed to Syracuse. It was a gorgeous sunny day with temperature around 18 C. The pups had a good outing. Miley and Mayer turned 6 months old the day of the show and had a wonderful debut.
Our good friend Brenda Campbell (Anamchara Shelties) drove down from London and was a huge help; we couldn't have gotten them all done up without her. Brenda also handled Miley to BOS in Sweeps!
Mayer waiting to go in the ring...I'm looking worn out from all the travelling.

Little squirt - actually Mayer is a nice size of 14 inches at 6 months of age.

With the big boys for Winners Dog. I managed to embarrass myself by going for my bait and flipping all the contents of my pocket onto the floor. I think I was surprised as everyone else what I had in there...tons of kibbles and bits of liver. Mayer thought he'd won the jackpot! Despite his handler, he pulled off a 4 point major reserve!

Miley from ringside

Showing her beautiful angles to the judge.

Miley won her class and was one of the three pulled for winners!
Cocoa won the Open Sable class and went on to Reserve WB! Emma won both her sweeps and regular it was a very successful outing for our guys - four dogs entered, 7 class firsts, BOS in Sweeps and two Reserves.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Making Do

Pete was off with the truck; and my car is in the shop, so I had to make do and take the kids up to the Vet in the convertible. They were great little travelers and didn't seem to mind. The handful of treats in my pocket didn't hurt...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Big Boots

November 1st and finally some sun! We were delighted to see Petra (Tresta Shelties) again and had a great dinner and sleepover. This morning we put on our boots and headed to the back fields.
Just starting out and they've already been in the ditch...

The gang
Stormy and Valerie

Mayer getting some love...

Stormy loves getting out for a run and gets very silly with us...leaping and grinning.

Stormy still being silly
The old girls stay close
Petra with Cocoa, Bridgit and Juno

Gabi my shadow, made it the entire way around.

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