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Monday, September 24, 2012

In Memoriam: BISS Am/Can Ch Laureate Louisiana

"LuAnne" was special from the start. Our smallest puppy that ever survived weighing only 2 1/2 ounces at birth, she was also our first blue. I stayed in the whelping area for three days making sure she was nursing. We both thought she was the most beautiful puppy we had ever seen with a long elegant neck, and her beautiful structure was evident. We were so in love with this new baby and yet knew she was fragile we didn't take any photos of her until 7 weeks of age.  Above was the first photo we took of her.
Pictured at 8 weeks old

At my Mom's cottage...she loved to cuddle. :-)
After winning the ASSA over 12 year Veteran's class and Award of Merit ASSA 2009
 Our beautiful girl at 14 years old...
 Just before her 16th birthday
LuAnne grew up to be a breeders favourite and had an enviable show record at Specialties and was a Canadian National Breed winner and ASSA Best of Opposite. Not only was she a successful show girl, she was most importantly our constant companion.  
It's hard to believe she is gone...she has been such a huge part of our lives for over 16 years.  It is still too close to bring up memories without tears, so this post is rather shallow.  However I didn't want to let it go without some sort of tribute, no matter how small.  We want to thank all our friends from around the world for their kind e-mails, cards, flowers and acknowledgement of our special girl.  While there is a huge void, we feel so lucky to have shared our lives with such a beautiful gentle soul.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Run

Jenny on the run 
Brenda with Taylor and Christie
Taylor in the ploughed field

Run run RUN!
Connor our handsome tri boy

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Miley Litter

Miley (BPIS Ch Laureate Epitome) had a new litter of two girls on the 11th of April sired by Ch Ruffleith's Barolo Di Rionda.
They are thriving and doing well.
The red girl was hungry and spent the photo shoot looking for food..
Got milk?
If either girl is available as a companion, we'll post news when they are eight weeks of age.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An Outing with the Puppies

We have had several days of incredible weather; with temperatures we'd be happy to have in the summer.  I felt it was time for the puppies we are growing out to experience their first walk. 

I realized that at ten weeks of age the girls in the Inception x Jivara litter didn't have names and having nothing original in mind, decided to recycle names from a litter we had 13 years ago.  The little girl in the litter is now called "Jenny"
Christie checking out the stones and things
While not in focus I like how this photo shows Taylor's movement.
Twiggy left and Taylor right
Oops what is this?
First water rat...
Rehannah and Christie (white faced girl)
Christie and Taylor now at the puddle...that is now three water babies!
Eeeek!  Taylor isn't so sure...
Christie starting to go a bit wild!
Conner a bit tentative, but he got his paws wet too...a fourth puppy gets wet
He isn't really a fan.
Taylor trying to decide what to do...
Everyone is on the other side, so might as well!
Not convinced this is a good thing...
Jenny in the puddle...looks like she's drooling (but she's not).
Jenny doesn't look thrilled with the cold water either...
Christie on the other hand thought it was fantastic!
I think she likes it!
A natural water dog!
Even Rehannah got her toes wet.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


This is the sister to "Twiggy" also by BPIS Ch Shelhaven Outback x Laureate Alinea (Juno) and co-bred with Pennylynn Woodruff.  She isn't as wild and crazy as her sister and prefers to take things at her own speed.  In the few days she has been here I've noticed she likes to be behind things (my legs) and underneath cover such as a crate or a chair.
So when I took her outside for the first time by herself I wasn't surprised when she ran for the bushes for cover (or so I thought).
The funny thing was, she didn't seem afraid or concerned.  She was out to kill that juniper bush!
I didn't put her there...she jumped in!  She was having a ball.
She is darling and today she got her name..."Juniper".

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Twiggy's Taste of the Great Outdoors

I went to Pennylynn's last night to pick up our Juno puppies.  We brought home the two girls in the litter and will be growing out this little girl we've named "Twiggy".  She is outgoing and bold and had a busy morning playing with the older puppies and then upstairs with me, LuAnne and Foo in the kitchen.  The weather was beautiful today so I decided it was time for a taste of the great outdoors!
And taste she did.  She tasted the water in the puddle...
She tasted the snow (yucky)
Nommed her foot
Sat for a second
What's this?
Posing briefly
Found some spruce needles!  We are going to have fun with this adventurous girl...

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