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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I had a friend over for coffee this morning and she spotted the female cardinal. She said, "quick, take a picture!" My camera was not on hand, but I dashed upstairs, grabbed the camera, fumbled to get the chip in and by that time she had flown away.  Our disappointment was short lived as she then flew up on the tree in front of our house.  The sun shone down on her and I was able to get this picture.  I'm delighted!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Run Run Run

It is a gorgeous day out and I took advantage of the sunshine and took the gang out back. 
(This post is photo intense.)
There is a pathway in the evergreens and they love to chase one another along the tree line.
Cocoa looking for whoever is behind the spruce...
Ferocious Foo!
Foo and the blues!
Miss independant Rehannah.  I said the last time I took them out that she wouldn't ever come again as she does her own thing and goes off where I can't see her.  I forgot and once again I spent ten minutes calling for her.  She came out from behind the barn, quite satisfied with herself...the stinker!
Poodle herding
Victor having a ball!
Emma is never far from Foo
Snarling Trix who had just been bitten in the butt earlier...
Trying to keep up with Foo

Friday, February 8, 2013

At the Feeder

This is our first year feeding the birds over winter and it has given us hours of enjoyment.  After I let the dogs out, I fill up the bird feeder and have my coffee and watch from every room in the house as the birds come to feed.
Common Redpoll visit daily, as do the chickadees, juncos, and goldfinches. 

Less frequent are the pair of cardinals.  It took a few weeks for them to find the feeder and I'm obsessed with taking their picture! They are a shot of colour in our muted palette of winter.
It is tough to get any shots of them because as soon as they see me, they fly off.  I would love to get a photo of them both together, so I'll keep trying!
The male from the kitchen window...
A little competition...
The woodpeckers are bold and we have a small one (this guy...a flicker maybe?) and a bigger one.
The chickadee's will let me get close...this was taken standing about 10 feet from the feeder.

Who doesn't love these little happy birds?  They are like a cup of cheer on a cold winter day!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Winter Sports

It has been a wild winter so far.  This week we had lots of snow, then a thaw so it melted a bit and then freezing cold.  This was on Monday...we got about 5 or 6 inches of light snow.
I took the gang out for a run in the back during a break in precipitation.
They had a wonderful time blazing trails...
I'm glad we got out as later on the freezing rain started and then it turned to rain on Wednesday.
Cocoa and her daughters...little Audrey doing some snow shovelling...
Wednesday it rained and then yesterday a cold front came through with very high winds, leaving ice in the driveway and out in the fields.  This afternoon was -14 C and sunny so we were finally able to go for a walk.  Twiggy managed to stay upright while "skating"...
 Zooey was wondering why she couldn't drink from it...
Steeplechase games up on the hill...a fallen log is a fun obstacle.
They went back and forth, up and down the hill...
Zooey, who is looking prettier every day.
Baby Audrey trying to keep up
Following her 'big' sister Jenny...
Victor over the bank jump...
The race for home!

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