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Saturday, February 28, 2009

More of the same (just different)

Gabi enjoying the sunshine
Happy Stormy and Gabi
Eva on the movePete with Taboo, Valerie and Gabi
Paris, Nova, Tira and Juno (Pete in his frumpy dog walking clothes)!
Group hug!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Scruffy dogs

I am doing things with this blog, that I never did on the website. I am putting pictures of our dogs looking pretty unkempt! Oh dear. So I am going to bury myself in Sheltie (and Poodle) fur for a few days and get them all spiffy. It is supposed to snow for a week starting today, so I might as well be snowed in with my good friends.
Stormy needs the full spa treatment...ears, feet and a good massage with a pin brush! And it is time to do portraits of her. Juno (in front) doesn't carry much coat, and I noticed someone (Bunny) chewed her withers, so she won't see the show ring in awhile. But she needs a bath nonetheless. Gabi is bathed often, as her coat texture changed after she was spayed...she doesn't look too bad. Nova hasn't a stitch of clothes left after her litter. She is low maintenance, but could still use a trim around her ears.

Paris...just a little off behind the ears!

Bath and trim for Valerie and Eva! Eva needs her portrait taken also, so she can be put on our site. In all the photos we have of her she is running amok.

It could be worse; I am just glad they are running in snow and not mud!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bunny B/W

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I went out with the long lens today. I took a lot of photos, so I broke it down into four sections. These are the close-ups (more or less)...
LuAnne nearing 13 years old. Ungroomed, but still beautiful.

Bunny, Juno, Cocoa


Bridgit, Bunny, Juno

Bunny at 7 months

Cocoa coming...

...and going!

Bunny and Eva's backsides

Bridgit showing her form.

Mother-daughter squabbles. Part 1: Cocoa and Valerie

When we go for walks it seems like there are "cat and mouse" games that go on. Cocoa is always out to catch her mom Valerie. Usually she just catches her by the tail, but here she is to the left of Val...mouth open wide!

There is no one hurt in these games, but you wouldn't know it from these pictures!

Part 2: Eva and Nova

Eva spots her mother, Nova, having a roll in the snow.
Ah ha...gotcha!
Nova appears indignant!

Nova is really annoyed with Eva now!

Paris-Bunny showdown

Saturday, February 21, 2009

February Fun

We have had three snow days in a row, so it was nice to see the sun. We took the dogs out for a run in the back...

Have to do something about that burr's a dog magnet!

Juno in the lead.

Now Eva in front, with Juno wanting to play "crack the whip".

Caught her tail (Cocoa has Valerie by the tail too)!

Tira, on the left, is still going strong. Go Tira!!!

Gabi enjoying herself!

Beautiful Paris

Little Bridgit

The old girls...and Taboo.

Taboo getting a squeeze. Gabi on the left says "put her down and hug me!" Taboo is looking for her own family to hug her non stop.

Heading for home.

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